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Bisbee.gif (19402 bytes)1920 city of Bisbee, Arizona.  This is one of two known varieties of porcelain plates from Bisbee.


Argenta.gif (20742 bytes)1917 city of Argenta, Arkansas.  This plate is from what is today North Little Rock and is unique in collectors' hands.


Little Rock 15.gif (20056 bytes)1915 city of Little Rock, Arkansas.  Little Rock porcelains are known from 1909, 1910, 1911, 1915, and 1916.  This is the only 1915 known.


Colton.gif (13055 bytes)Undated city of Colton, California.  One of only two known, this Colton plate was probably not used on a passenger car.


New Brit 15.gif (13746 bytes)1915 city of New Britain, Connecticut Milk Dealer.  The last in a series of New Britain Milk porcelain plates beginning in 1910, this plate (as are all the others) appears to be unique amongst collectors. 


St Lucie.gif (14985 bytes)1916 county of St. Lucie, Florida.  Although St. Lucie plates are known from 1913-1917, this is the only known passenger survivor for 1916 (one 1916 motorcycle plate is known).  This plate is one of more than 250 known porcelain prestates from Florida.


NO 14MC.gif (10048 bytes)1914 city of New Orleans, Louisiana Motorcycle.  While there are undoubtedly others that exist, considering that New Orleans plates are not the rarest of city porcelains, I know of only two of these plates (Nos. 6 & 48).


Ponchatoula.gif (12714 bytes)1915 city of Ponchatoula, Louisiana.  A nice example of a one of a kind city porcelain from Louisiana.


St John.gif (18308 bytes)1914 parish of St. John, Louisiana.  Another unique Louisiana city plate.


St Joseph.gif (19369 bytes)1916 city of St. Joseph, Missouri.  St. Joseph porcelains are known from 1913 to 1916.


NY 19 Cartman.gif (10168 bytes)1919 city of Rochester, New York Cartman.  Although confirmation is still lacking, conventional wisdom suggests that this and the numerous other New York Milk, Huckster, and Cartman plates that exist are from the city of Rochester.  Although the Cartman plates specifically are only known from 1918 & 1919, other examples of these Rochester varieties exist in porcelain from as early as 1909 to at least 1932.


Columbus.gif (17708 bytes)1908 city of Columbus, Ohio.  Columbus issued porcelain passenger plates in 1907 and 1908, as well as a motorcycle plate in 1911.


Muskogee.gif (13606 bytes)Undated (1913-14) city of Muskogee, Oklahoma.  The second in a series of three porcelain plates issued by the city of Muskogee, this 1913-14 plate is one of only two known (Nos. 144 & 348) 


Okmulgee.gif (11046 bytes)1914 city of Okmulgee, Oklahoma.  Although numerous Oklahoma prestates are known from various cities, this is the only one from Okmulgee.


Philly 03.gif (16443 bytes)1903 city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This plate has the distinction of being the earliest dated porcelain license plate of any kind known.  It is the first in a run of four porcelain Philadelphia city plates from 1903 to 1906.


Gresham.gif (19310 bytes)Undated city of Gresham, Texas.  In the days before the state began issuing plates, automobile owners in Texas made their own plates.  One of the most common means of accomplishing this was to purchase "kit plates" like this one which were metal frames in which porcelain tiles would be fitted.


Memphis.gif (28178 bytes)1916 city of Memphis, Tennessee Visitor.  From as early as 1914 to at least 1920, the city of Memphis issued both passenger and visitor plates.  This is the only known example of either variety from 1916.


Seattle.gif (21249 bytes)1915 city of Seattle, Washington Commercial.  These Seattle commercial plates are known from 1914 and 1915.