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Haw 1915.gif (13128 bytes)1915 Hawaii County Pre-Territorial plate.  This porcelain plate is the first year of issue for Hawaii County.  Approximately 25-30 of these plates exist in collectors' hands.


Hon 1915.gif (15018 bytes)1915 Honolulu County Pre-Territorial plate.  Like Hawaii County, 1915 was also the first year of issue in Honolulu County with the plates made of porcelain.  There are only some 10-15 of these plates known amongst collectors.


Haw 1916.gif (9886 bytes)1916 Hawaii County Pre-Territorial plate.  There are approximately 15-20 of these second issue Hawaii County porcelains known.  This was the last year of passenger porcelain plates from Hawaii County.


hon 1916.gif (13380 bytes)1916 Honolulu County Pre-Territorial plate.  Some 20-25 of these second issue Honolulu County porcelains have survived in collectors' hands.  This was the last year of passenger porcelain plates from Honolulu County.


hon 1917MC.gif (20583 bytes)1917 Honolulu County Pre-Territorial plate.



Hon 1918MC.gif (13238 bytes)1918 Hawaii County Motorcycle Pre-Territorial plate.  While the passenger plates from Hawaii County this year were metal, the cycle plates were double-sided porcelain.  Only two are known to exist (Nos. 14 & 20).  To my knowledge, this is the only North American double-sided porcelain plate known.


haw 1920.gif (12027 bytes)1920 Hawaii County Pre-Territorial plate.  The only repainted plate pictured on this entire website, this 1920 plate is one of very few known.


Kauai 1921.gif (8906 bytes)Undated (circa 1921) Kauai County Pre-Territorial plate.  This wooden Kauai County pre-territorial plate was found in a cardboard box underneath an old house on Kauai as the first plate in a complete run of Hawaii plates (all from Kauai County) from 1922 through 1956.  This is the only homemade Hawaiian pre-territorial plate known from any county in collectors' hands, although old pictures indicate that such plates also existed in other counties.  Unlike Honolulu and Hawaii County, which issued plates starting in 1915, Kauai and Maui Counties never had any county issued plates.


haw 1923.gif (28844 bytes)1923 Hawaii (Kauai County).  This plate was also part of the run that the wooden plate above came out of.



haw 1925.gif (16019 bytes)1925 Hawaii (Honolulu County).



haw 1925Dlr.gif (14278 bytes)1925 Hawaii Dealer.  This flat metal Dealer plate is from Hawaii County.  All Hawaiian Dealer plates specify the name of the county. This plate is one of a pair, the only two 1925 dealer plates known.


haw 1954 Tr.gif (13881 bytes)1954 Hawaii Trailer (Maui County).  This is a "County of Maui" trailer plate (meaning an official government plate - as opposed to a regular trailer plate used in Maui County, which wouldn't have the "C of M" designation on it).  The 1954 trailer tab on the plate reads "MCT."