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U.S. Non-Passenger
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ALA Dlr.gif (11938 bytes)Undated (1914) Alabama Dealer.



CA 15D.gif (11982 bytes)1915 California Dealer.



CA 15MCD.gif (42195 bytes)1915 California Motorcycle Dealer.



CA 18Ex.gif (20610 bytes)1918 California Exempt pair.  The run of California Exempt plates from 1916-1919 (along with the much rarer Exempt Motorcycle plates) are the only examples of porcelain Exempt plates known.


CA 19QMCT.gif (15964 bytes)1919 California Quartermaster Corps Trailer.  This unusual plate is one of only two known (Nos. 11 & 24)


CT 15MCD.gif (16799 bytes)1915 Connecticut Motorcycle Dealer.



GA 15MC.gif (12623 bytes)1915 Georgia Motorcycle.



IND 13M.gif (13097 bytes)1913 Indiana Manufacturer.



NM 23HD.gif (13164 bytes)1923 New Mexico Highway Department.



RI A99.gif (13588 bytes)Undated First Issue Rhode Island Dealer.



RI 5A.gif (7979 bytes)Undated (1912) Rhode Island Dealer.



VA 13Dlr.gif (14970 bytes)1913 Virginia Dealer.



VA 13MC.gif (20935 bytes)1913 Virginia Motorcycle.



WA 20MC.gif (20688 bytes)1920 Washington Motorcycle.