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ARK 11.gif (24654 bytes)1911 Arkansas (first issue).



ARK 12.gif (13344 bytes)1912 Arkansas.



CA pre83433.gif (21053 bytes)Undated (1912) California prestate.  This unusual porcelain prestate has the Automobile Club designation on the bottom.  Most of these plates have this designation at the top, hence their nickname "Mickey Mouse" amongst collectors.


CAL 71470.gif (9558 bytes)Undated (1912) California prestate.  These prestates with the automobile club logos on each side are nicknamed "Dogbones."


CAL 14pr.gif (14485 bytes)1914 California (first issue).



COLO 14.gif (16203 bytes)1914 Colorado.



DC.gif (13761 bytes)Undated (1907) District of Columbia (first issue).  Several versions of this first issue plate exist.  This one is the earliest version, made by Lamb & Tilden.  These plates were only made for numbers 100-2,500.


KY M.gif (13867 bytes)Undated (1912) Kentucky.



MAR 6896.gif (12191 bytes)Undated (1904) Massachusetts (first issue).  This plate is marked on the back "84" in yellow porcelain, indicating that it was made in the eighth month (August) of 1904.  Like the D.C. first issue above, later years of Massachusetts Auto Register plates had much larger lettering on them.


NJ 13.gif (19568 bytes)1913 New Jersey.



RI 3114.gif (18428 bytes)Undated (1908) Rhode Island (first issue).  The owner of this plate fitted it with leather straps on either side.  Rhode Island collectors have distinguished three distinct types of first issue plates.  This one is a Type 3.


VA 09.gif (10442 bytes)Undated (1909) Virginia (first issue).  This is the last year of issue for this multi-year plate.  Earlier years had the "VA" at bottom right, instead of centered top to bottom as with this plate.


VA 11.gif (13532 bytes)1911 Virginia.



WVA 09.gif (14661 bytes)1909 West Virginia.  This is apparently the lowest known number for 1909.



WVA 12.gif (13542 bytes)1912 West Virginia.