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Canadian Pre-Prov/City
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Victoria.gif (18043 bytes)Undated City of Victoria, British Columbia plate.  This is one of only four known passenger city porcelains from Canada (the other three being Montreal).  There are very few of these Victoria plates known in collectors' hands.


BC leather.gif (20754 bytes)Undated (1912) British Columbia Pre-Provincial plate.  This plate is made of leather with metal numbers riveted on.



NB 10.gif (16748 bytes)1910 New Brunswick Pre-Provincial plate.  The only known pre-provincial porcelain plate from New  Brunswick, this plate seems to have been manufactured by the Baltimore Enamel & Novelty Company.  For more about this plate, click on "Canadian Plate History" above.


NS pre6841pr.gif (27310 bytes)Undated (1917) Nova Scotia Pre-Provincial pair.  Perhaps more than any other province, numerous pre-provincial plates from Nova Scotia have survived in the hands of collectors.  While they all vary in style, size, and even material, all are black/white as the law must have required.  This pair is the highest known pre-provincial number from Nova Scotia.


NS pre Dlr.gif (22932 bytes)Undated (1917) Nova Scotia Pre-Provincial Dealer.  This fiberboard plate was used on the vehicle that delivered the above pair of Nova Scotia plates (#6841) to their owner.


Ont HHC 16.gif (13905 bytes)1916 City of Hamilton, Ontario Harbour Commission plate.  These unusual plates are known to exist from 1913 (and perhaps before) to 1917.


PEI 15-16.gif (23984 bytes)1915-16 Prince Edward Island Pre-Provincial plate.  This is a flat metal plate stretched over a metal frame in the style of the numerous plates made by the McDonald Manufacturing Company in Toronto.  It appears to have been made in 1915 and then painted over to read 1916 for use the following year.  This is the only P.E.I. plate known for either of these years.