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Canadian Passenger
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ALTA 1912.gif (19236 bytes)1912 Alberta (First Issue).   



MAN 1911.gif (18262 bytes)1911 Manitoba (First Issue), Type 2.  Late in 1911 when the province realized it needed to make some more plates, a new series of passenger plates was issued, beginning with #3000.  All of these Type 2 plates were manufactured with additional holes midway down both the left and right sides of the plates.


Man1914.jpg (4917 bytes)1914 Manitoba.  This is the only known example of a #1 passenger porcelain plate from Canada.


NB 1911.gif (14494 bytes)1911 New Brunswick (First Issue).  This particular plate was issued to a motorcycle, but prior to 1913, there was no distinction between passenger and non-passenger plates.


NB 1912.gif (16407 bytes)1912 New Brunswick.



NB 1913.gif (14127 bytes)1913 New Brunswick.



Ont 1911.gif (13875 bytes)1911 Ontario (First Issue).  This is the only year Ontario issued porcelain plates.



PEI 1918.gif (13888 bytes) Undated (1918) Prince Edward Island.  This plate is made of flat, painted metal stretched over a metal frame, like the numerous other plates of this type from different provinces which were made by McDonald Manufacturing Company in Toronto.


PEI 1919.gif (17826 bytes) Undated (1919) Prince Edward Island.  This was the only year P.E.I. issued porcelain plates.



SASK 1912.gif (14019 bytes)1912 Saskatchewan (First Issue).


SASK 1913.gif (12834 bytes)1913 Saskatchewan.