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The City and County Porcelain Plate Project is an effort to identify, record, and photograph all known city and county plates in collectors' hands.  To this point, I have identified more than 750 distinct varieties of known city or county porcelains and I have recorded thousands of known numbers.  In the near future, I hope to offer a collector's guide to city and county porcelain plates which will present all of the information I have gathered to date, including color photographs of each different variety whenever possible.

Because these plates represent such a rare and often confusing subset of license plate collecting, this project has necessarily been a collaborative effort.  It would have been impossible for me to have gathered the amount of information that I have been able to without the gracious assistance of countless fellow collectors.  But even with all of the help I have been given, I am certain that there are numerous city porcelains out there that I am not even aware exist.  With this in mind, I ask anybody visiting this site to please inform me if you have or know of any unusual city or county porcelain plates that I might not be aware of.  Please e-mail me HERE.  THANKS!