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Plates For Trade
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In this section, I have scanned in a number of plates that I currently have for trade.  As a tour through this website suggests, my main interests are rare or unusual porcelain plates of all types such as prestates, city & county plates, motorcycle plates, and dealer plates, as well as early Hawaii.  I am particularly trying to build on my city plate collection, and would be very interested in trading for porcelain plates from such cities as Birmingham, Louisville, Tulsa, Pittsburgh, Alexandria, etc.  If you are seriously interested in any of the plates below and have something for trade that you think I might be interested in, please click HERE to send me an e-mail.

For larger pictures, just click on any of the photos.  


TradeBC13MC.gif (24695 bytes)1913 British Columbia Motorcycle (First Issue).  This first issue B.C. motorcycle plate is very hard to come by in any condition.  This one would rate good.


TradeBC14MC.gif (20495 bytes)1914 British Columbia Motorcycle.  A good-very good example of a second issue B.C. motorcycle plate.



Trade TH15.gif (44840 bytes)1915 Territory of Hawaii Automobile Tag (Hawaii County).  Condition is g-vg on this hard to find item.  Tag is approximately  2" x 2"



TradeHaw16.gif (15386 bytes)1916 Hawaii County Pre-Territorial plate.  Condition is only fair on this plate, but it is a truly rare plate (approximately 15-20 known in collectors' hands) and is among the most desirable license plates from Hawaii.


Trade Haw 41mc.gif (32226 bytes)1941 Hawaii Motorcycle plate.  Good condition, with two extra holes.  Additionally, the numbers on this plate appear to have been repainted, very possibly by the original owner, as the red on the 1941 plates was known to disappear in short order.


Trade Haw 51mc.gif (22408 bytes)1951 Hawaii Motorcycle plate.  Good condition except the first number has been painted over.



Trade MAN11.gif (19057 bytes)1911 Manitoba (First Issue).  A very good example of a first issue Manitoba.



Trade NB11.gif (16399 bytes)1911 New Brunswick (First Issue).  This plate is an excellent example of a very rare plate.  In 1911, the province only issued some 450 registrations, in pairs.  Thus, only approximately 900 of these plates were ever made.


Trade NB12.gif (16988 bytes)1912 New Brunswick.  This is a very good example of a second issue New Brunswick plate.


NB1912pr.gif (30135 bytes)1912 New Brunswick Pair.  This is one of very few known pairs of this second issue plate.




Trade NB13.gif (21931 bytes)1913 New Brunswick.  This is a vg+ example of this plate.



TradePEI1919.gif (22118 bytes)Undated (1919) Prince Edward Island.  This is a very good example of a PEI 1919 plate - the only year the province had porcelain plates.  There were less than 1,000 registrations in PEI this year.